Why Phoenix Classroom?

Phoenix Classroom is a state of the art learning management system leading the market with its bespoke features and functionalities. It was conceptualized with School Classrooms at the heart, prioritized for Teachers, Students and Parents - who we care the most. Phoenix Classroom was designed in collaboration with educators and technology advisors to support K-12 schools of any curriculum.


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Key Features

To make
your child's learning meaningful



Teachers can create assignments, for individual or group of students. Students can complete assignments by submitting their work online. Teachers can mark and grade them digitally.


Ability to design quizzes, assign to students and review & grade students’ submissions


Where teachers can initiate dialogs on topics, students can post and participate in discussions.

My Groups

Groups are seamlessly available from School Management System.


Making teacher tasks simple

Live (Synchronous) Lessons* Deliver live lessons fully embedded with advanced features

Asynchronous Lessons* Plan and schedule lessons for students to learn at different times and locations

Attendance Mark students attendance for all the lessons

Cross School Teaching* Allow different school-teachers to teach other school students

Assignments Create assignments and tasks, map to learning objectives & assign to students

Quizzes Create auto graded quizzes for assessments purposes

Gradebook* Allow Formative and Summative assessments recording

Student Progress tracking Monitor progress through learning objectives / curriculum standards

Lesson Plan Create lesson plans including associated resources

Behavior & Achievements Track positive, negative and achievement recordings

Log Parent Engagement* Allow recording parent engagement and follow up on tasks

Knowledge Hub Access to external content and internal GEMS resources

* Functionalities part of Sep-20 release


Driving student learning more engaging

Live Lesson delivery* Participate in live lessons with advanced capabilities

Offline Study* Access to customized lessons including digital content and assessments

Student Vault Securely share documents, information between teachers, students & parents

Assignment Submission Ability to complete, submit and track assignments and quiz online

Progress & achievements Detailed progress tracking showing achieved milestones & next steps

Chatter Participate in discussions with teachers and peers

Encourage students to be physically active with gamification elements

Knowledge Hub Seamless access to approved internal resources and external content providers

Exemplar Wall Allows teachers to display exemplary work done by student

Quiz Allows designing of quizzes & assignment / review submissions

Digital Portfolio Create portfolio with badges, academic achievements, skills, certificates details

Student Planner Help keep track of their assignments, set personal goals

* Functionalities part of Sep-20 release


Providing useful insights of children learning

Academic Corner* Access to grades, achievements, reports and overall student progress

Fees & Payments Access to fee payments directly through classroom portal

360 Overview* Dashboard to provide overview of their child(ren)’s learning journey

Online Parent-Teacher Meeting Ability for scheduling and conducting online Parent Teacher meeting

School News / Announcements Information about school news, classes/ groups announcements

Mobile App* Intuitive mobile app with all the features required for all stakeholders

School Calendar View school calendar including events throughout the academic year

Knowledge Hub Access to learning content for their child(ren)

Student Digital Portfolio Allow parents to view their child(ren) student achievements

Attendance View student attendance, apply for leave and student attendance profile

Service Request Request for Transfer certificate, re-enrolment, GEMS ambassador program, etc

Community Ability to share circulars, newsletters, event gallery, resources

* Functionalities part of Sep-20 release


Our Exciting features for effective learning and collaboration

Synchronous / Live Lessons

Teachers can deliver live lessons along with active discussion, immediate feedback, and a personal familiarity that students get through real-time interaction.

Advanced progress tracking

Ability to track and monitor student progress against each learning objective quantitatively and provide data insights for cohort and individuals to identify strengths and weaknesses across pupils.

Asynchronous lesson delivery

Students can access course materials across topics on their own time including but not limited to text-based lecture notes, self-guided interactive learning modules, or pre-recorded lectures and podcasts.

AI enabled assessments

Save time with tens of thousands of practice questions designed by teachers, quick lesson and homework builders, and automatic marking with ability and engage mixed ability groups with adaptive learning.


Teachers can create assignments, for individual or group of students. Students can complete assignments by submitting their work online. Teachers can mark and grade them digitally.


Safe social media feature facilitating collaboration with Teachers, Students and Parents. Conveniently, Teachers can initiate dialogs on themes with Students and they can post and participate in it.

Think Box

Students can post their ideas or suggestions conveniently in the platform including documents to support it and tagging to categories defined by School.

Exemplar Wall

Teachers can build per teaching group an area where they can showcase students work sharing with their peers. This feature promotes peer learning.


Teachers can easily involve all Students by promoting learning activities that can be shared by transforming family engagement in just one click. Excellent feature for live reporting.

Student Vault

Students have their own private area where Teachers cans can share academic and non-academic reports as well as personalized feedback. Associated Parents to the Student can access this area, too.

Knowledge Hub

Teachers, Students and Parents can seamless access any online content provider enable by the school. Teachers can also add their own resources to share with all school community.

Students Wellbeing

Students can express how they are feeling privately and report concern from their end. Designated group of staff at school receive notifications about the same for their immediate action.


Seamlessly available from School Management System. Teachers can share resources and reference URLs with the students. Teachers can create additional bespoke groups as required.
Coming Soon

Digital Portfolio

Students can organize by designing their own personal and shareable digital portfolio which contains all their digital work, plus academic and non-academic achievements including certificates.
Coming Soon

Lesson Plan

School Curriculum experts can design lesson plans as per their school curriculum. Once Teachers access the plan, it will populate with the relevant information for their teaching groups.
Coming Soon

Peer Marking

Peer marking is a collaborative learning technique for students to evaluate their peers' work and have their work evaluated by peers.
Mobile app


Learning at their fingertips, easy to use app supporting their academic progress, extracurricular involvement, and wellbeing


All in one place app, conveniently integrated with the school management system to ensure their student success


Stress-free and powerful app, keeping up to date in their children’s learning progress

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